Important Notes on Installing A New Kiln

When properly installed, a new kiln can provide decades of service to your operation – but only if it gets off to the right start.  Numerous kilns have been sabotaged from the beginning by being installed incorrectly, or without using the proper equipment.

The best way to ensure your kiln is installed and configured correctly is to contact a kiln manufacturer or kiln parts supplier for advice on your specific machine.  However, one thing is the same for all kilns:  They are extremely heavy and this needs to be considered at all times before and during installation.


Managing the Weight of Your Kiln During Installation

The single most important factor you have to keep in mind at all times is the extreme weight of the kiln.  A typical kiln weighs over 1,000 tonnes – although this will vary substantially depending on the size of the kiln.  Either way, the kiln will be extremely heavy.  This means you need to think ahead and ensure that the space in which it will be installed is capable of supporting the weight.  Don’t forget to include the weight of the lining, as well as the fuel and materials within the kiln.

In particular, you need to pay close attention to the foundation.  An object this heavy can easily crack a foundation, particularly if it has any pre-existing problems.  If the kiln is being installed into a new facility, the foundation must be completely dried before installation, on substrate which is fully compacted.  Any shifts in the foundation or ground below can have a significant impact on the kiln’s performance.

Likewise, be aware of any water sources nearby which could potentially seep into the foundation and compromise it.  Every effort needs to be taken to ensure the foundation remains stable and unmoving once the kiln is placed.

Also, be prepared with the heavy lifting equipment needed to move the kiln’s parts into place.  Beyond the need to arrange for proper equipment, they can add substantially to the weight being placed upon the foundation as installation occurs.  Plan and be sure to leave yourself plenty of leeway in terms of total weight loads.

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