How Do You Know Your Horizontal Rotary Kiln Needs Alignment?

Proper operation of a horizontal rotary kiln requires continual oversight and maintenance.  A typical kiln is put under extreme stress under normal operations, and even minor maintenance issues can manifest in sub-optimal performance or even damage to the kiln itself.  

In particular, care must be taken to maintain the balance and alignment of a kiln.  Kilns which have gone out of alignment are highly susceptible to damage, as well as unevenly heating items placed within them.  It is highly recommended that you check the alignment of your horizontal rotary kiln at least once a year, and preferably every six months.

Every kiln is distinctive, but this guide should cover most units in operation.

How To Determine The Alignment Of Your Horizontal Rotary Kiln

  1. Confirm the base centerline

The easiest way to confirm the centerline of your kiln is to start by establishing an offset centerline.  Run some piano wire, or similar line, along the kiln between the first support to the last support with direct line-of-sight visibility.  This offset centerline should end up equidistant from centerline marks on the bases of the carrying mechanism.  Then, by tramming from this centerline, you can see if the centerline marks on the bases are all in line.

  1. Have the piers settled?

Given the extreme weight of a kiln, it’s not uncommon for the support piers to have settled somewhat no matter how well-constructed it was initially.  This can throw it out of alignment, but this can also be adjusted for.  If the piers have settled, and aren’t expected to move further, you should mark the new offset centerline by placing markers on the floor.

  1. Check the kiln shell

Checking the alignment of the kiln shell against the centerline is relatively easy, and can be performed with a plumb bob.  It should be attached to each side as near to the riding rings as possible.  Mark the line made by the plumb bob, then rotate the kiln 90 degrees and repeat.  Once you have four marks, each 90 degrees apart, you can derive the exact center point of the shell.

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