kiln component alignment and reconditioning

Frequently Asked Questions

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No matter how you landed on our website, if you are still browsing and need to make any enquiries, please get in touch with our customer service team . Meanwhile, we have consolidated a list of several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), based on our interactions with customers and potential customers. You may find the answers to a majority of your queries here. If we haven’t answered your questions on this page, please feel free to get in touch.

For more information on how we can serve your company, call us at 713-395-4050, or fill out our online form and we will get back to you soon.

Do you carry trunnion rollers in stock?

Yes, we do. We have almost all the popular makes, such as Allis Chalmers (AC), F.L. Smidth, Polysius, Traylor and more.

Do you have the bearing housings?

Yes, we carry several makes of bearing housings, including Allis Chalmers (AC), F.L. Smidth, Polysius, Traylor and more.

Do you carry kiln tires?

Yes, we do. Once you provide us the OD ID and face width, we can customize it to your requirements.

Do you carry kiln gears?

Yes, we stock kiln gears from all the leading manufacturers.

Is there a warranty on rebuilt items?

Yes. Based on the item, we offer between 1-2 years of post-installation warranty.

Do you carry gear reducers in stock?

Yes. We have a large inventory of reducers from Falk, Lufkin and Dodge, in addition to several other well-known brands.

Do you purchase used equipment?

Yes, we trade in both, used and new kiln parts. If you wish to get rid of any used equipment, we would be happy to evaluate and make an offer.

Do you purchase complete plants?

Yes, we do purchase complete plants.

Who do you currently service?

We service several companies around the USA, Canada and Mexico. We can supply a list of references, if needed.

Do you customize a part or component or entire machinery?

Yes, we can custom build any kiln component or rotary equipment as per your specification. We also provide an initial mock-up before delivering the final product.

What is your current service area?

We currently serve a number of companies across USA, Canada and Mexico. We can supply a list of references, if needed.

Do you have a returns policy?

Yes, we have a simple returns policy. If the rotary equipment or kiln parts that you purchase from us do not match your requirements, you can return them to us at no additional cost.

Do you charge for deliveries, in case of returns?

No. You do not have to pay for any pickups or deliveries, including returns.

How much discount can I expect on your catalog prices?

We offer highly competitive pricing. You will save approximately 40% to 50% on all our rebuilt and reconditioned parts, as compared to the OEM prices.

Do you provide demolition services? If yes, how does one go about it?

Yes, we do provide demolition services. However, we highly recommend you get in touch with an associate so we can talk in thorough detail about the equipment size, your location, price point etc.

What if you don’t have a item or equipment in stock? Could you call for it to be restocked? If yes, how long does that process take?

In the occasion a particular item or equipment is not available, Kiln Tech can make arrangements to provide you with the item or equipment. Get in touch with an associate to find out what information you need.