kiln component alignment and reconditioning

Turn to Kiln Technology Company for Kiln Support Roller Sales and Service


Every component in a kiln is crucial, but few parts need rebuilding, refebrubing or replacing more than support rollers.  These massive metal rollers have to be able to support the entire weight of your kiln, while still providing smooth and uninterrupted rotation through years of service.  Understandably, this puts a lot of stress on the rollers, and it’s common for operations with kilns to periodically need to replace or refurbish their rollers.

Kiln Technology Company is a global  leader in kiln parts and replacement.  Whatever your equipment, we can ensure the kiln support rollers are in proper working order and keep your operation running smoothly.

Our Experience Makes Kiln Support Roller Refurbishment Affordable

  • Given how often kilns are custom-made, it’s usually best to refurbish or repair the original rollers whenever possible.  We have over twenty years in business, with an entire team of expert mechanics and engineers dedicated to properly refurbishing the kilns our customers rely on.
  • We can work on kilns of any size.  No support rollers are too large for our crew of specialists to renovate, thanks to our complete in-house machining and manufacturing facility.  This includes the rollers themselves, their bearings, and the support structure holding them in place.  We’re experienced working with both trunnion rollers and thrust rollers.
  • Whatever issue you’re experiencing, we’ll do our utmost to see them repaired within a reasonable budget.

Need New Rollers? We Keep Them in Stock!


As part of our business buying and selling kiln replacement parts, we have several rollers in different sizes in our stock.  If your rollers are beyond refurbishment, we may have an equivalent ready to go!  If not, we’ll work within our extensive network of dealers and partners to find the right support rollers for your kiln.

Companies across the US , and all over the world, rely on Kiln Technology Company to keep their kilns functioning properly.  If you need assistance with your kiln support rollers or any other aspect of your kiln, please contact us directly.