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Trunnion rollers are a critical part of a rotary kiln, responsible for supporting the massive weight of the kiln itself and keeping it rotating smoothly.  These rollers are under incredible stress at all times, whether the kiln is in use or not, and must be maintained in good condition for the kiln to run properly.


Even minor problems in the trunnion rollers can ultimately cause a kiln to behave improperly, leading to vibrations, jittery rotation, or even failure of the rotary mechanism.  Fortunately, if you have any issues with your trunnion rollers, Kiln Technology Company has everything you need to fix them up.


Years of Kiln Repair and Refurbishment Experience

For over two decades, we have been a go-to source across the US and around the world for kiln repairs and rebuilds.  We have the ability to work on kilns of any size! No matter what condition your trunnion rollers are currently in, we can bring them back up to full operational readiness.

With every rebuild, you get a one-year warranty.  We proudly stand by our work.

We also offer full inspection and routine maintenance services for your kiln trunnion.  The best way to fix problems with a kiln is to avoid them in the first place, and we’ll be happy to work with you to create a schedule of regular kiln trunnion inspections to avoid this.

Need Kiln Trunnion Replacement Parts?  We Have Them

In case your trunnion rollers are beyond repair, we still have multiple avenues for getting your kiln back online.  We keep a stock of new or refurbished rollers in stock, in a variety of sizes suitable for most standard kiln types.  If necessary, we can also call upon our extensive network of contacts and vendors to find you a suitable roller for your kiln trunnion.

If you’re having issues with your kiln or kiln trunnion – or if you want to avoid issues – Kiln Technology Company Company has you covered.  Contact us today to discuss our services.


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