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if your operation relies on a rotary kiln, it’s probably among the most mission-critical pieces of hardware you own.  Your kiln has to be able to withstand incredible heat and stresses, consistently, and without failure. If it does fail, or a part goes bad, it needs to be repaired in the shortest timespan possible. When this happens, companies turn to Kiln Technology Company for kiln spares and more.


For over twenty years, we’ve provided top-quality Kiln spares, reconditioning, maintenance, and rotary kilns for sale to companies across the country, and around the world. Businesses have learned they can rely on Kiln Technology Company to keep their kilns running smoothly!


The Largest Inventory of Rotary Kilns For Sale You’ll Find


We are proud to say that, to our knowledge, we have the largest selection of rotary kilns spares and used rotary kiln for sale to be found anywhere in the world.  We have parts to fit a huge variety of off-the-shelf kilns of all types and sizes.  This variety of rotary kilns for sale also frequently allows us to match a stock part to a custom-built kiln, without issue.


However, should your kiln demand a custom solution, Kiln Technology Company can still accommodate.  We have in-house manufacturing facilities and can create new custom parts to your specifications, or from your existing blueprints.


Few other rotary kiln dealers with rotary kilns for sale anywhere on Earth offer this level of service, and that’s why operations rely on us to keep their kilns turning.

The Benefits of Working with Kiln Technology Company


Beyond our extensive inventory of rotary kilns for sale and expert staff, we offer more guarantees.  We provide a one-year warranty on all rebuilt products and rotary kilns for sale, as well as handling pickup and delivery – no matter the size of the part.  Our turnaround is quick, and we can often offer savings of up to 50-60% compared to OEM part pricing!


This is why we can truly say we’re among the top used rotary kilns for sale and service providers anywhere.  When you need kiln spares, repairs, or even entirely new rotary kilns for sale, contact our team at Kiln Technology Company to make it happen.

Spare Parts Inventory


These are typical spare parts. But spare parts change from Day to Day. Contact us at (713) 395-4050.