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Kiln Equipment Inspection

If you utilize a rotary kiln in your operation, then it's probably one of the most critical machines within your overall workflow. However, it's also likely among the largest, heaviest, and hottest pieces of machinery as well. Kilns have to endure incredible stresses every day they're in operation, and that will inevitably lead to mechanical failures and downtime.

Unless that is, you engage in regular kiln equipment inspection. Prevention is crucial when it comes to kiln maintenance, and with Kiln Technology Company as your partner, we can help ensure your kiln is always running properly. .

Years of Experience in Kiln Maintenance

    We have over twenty years' experience inspecting, maintaining, and repairing kilns of all sizes across the US, and all over the world. No matter the size or age of your kiln, we have the skills necessary to keep it running in top condition.

    We can inspect every aspect of the kiln, including:
    • The refractory, which can easily become cracked due to heat and allow the internal temperatures to reach the outer shell.
    • The burners, whose nozzles and sensors need regular inspection to ensure proper operation.
    • The seals, which can also easily become damaged or ineffective due to heat, allowing harmful air leakage.
    • The trunnion rollers, which can become cracked or offset, leading to vibrations or uneven rotation of the kiln - risking further heat-related damage.
    • The supports, which need regular inspection searching for cracks or bowing.
    • Alignment of the kiln, necessary for maintaining stability and preventing unwanted vibrations.

    Regular kiln equipment inspection will prevent downtime and avoid costly repairs. Of course, should a part require repairs, Kiln Technology Company is fully able to help. We can repair or rebuild most parts - complete with a one-year warranty - and we also keep a large stock of kiln spares on-hand.

Kiln Technology Company
Don't risk allowing your operation to grind to a halt due to preventable maintenance issues. Contact Kiln Technology Company to schedule kiln equipment inspections that keep your kiln rolling smoothly at all times.