kiln component alignment and reconditioning

Replacement Kiln Parts from Kiln Technology Company


When your operation relies on a kiln, you can’t afford downtime.  Unfortunately, given the huge weight and operational stresses a kiln operates under, maintenance issues are bound to happen from time to time.  When they do happen, companies across  the US and around the world turn to Kiln Technology Company.


For over twenty years, we’ve made ourselves a leader in providing replacement kiln parts, as well as repairing or refurbishing existing equipment.  If your kiln is having trouble, we will work with you to see it brought back into operational shape as quickly as possible, and within a reasonable budget.


Our Parts Inventory


Our inventory of replacement kiln parts can change frequently, due to the nature of our business, but we typically have these on-hand:


Kiln Support Rollers:  We always have some rollers in-stock, including both trunnion and thrust rollers.  If we can’t find one the right size for your kiln, we have extensive connections to find one for you.


Bearings and Bearing Housings Those rollers won’t roll without the bearings to replace them.  We make sure to always keep a large stock of bearings and associated accessories on-hand and ready to go.


Gearboxes and Gear Reducers:  We also have a large stock of gears, gear reducers, and accessories to make sure your kiln gearbox is running smoothly.  Don’t let your kiln run on bad gears; it will only become more unreliable over time.


Kiln Tires:  Kiln Tires are highly dependent on the size of the kiln, but we generally have some in stock that might fit.  If we don’t have the right size, we’ll find it or manufacture it!


Ball Mill :   We most likely have compatible parts in stock.  Let us know if you have special requirements, and we’ll make it happen!


These are just a few of the items in our extensive inventory of replacement kiln parts.  If you are experiencing kiln issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us and make use of our expertise!