kiln component alignment and reconditioning


Kiln Technology Company Company is an industry leader when it comes to repairing, rebuilding, and reconditioning kiln components and other industrial machinery including kiln support rollers. With our expertise and access to state-of-the-art tools, our team brings to the table a wealth of experience that spans various machinery types and models including kiln support rollers, ensuring each repair is tailored to the unique specifications of the equipment.


At the core of our services is our proficiency in reconditioning kiln support rollers, a vital component in rotary equipment. By the time our experts have worked their magic, your kiln support roller or any other component, such as a rotary kiln brick lining, will align seamlessly with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. This level of attention to detail can be expected whether your unit is manufactured by F.L. Smidth, Traylor, Allis Chalmers, or any other renowned brand.


Our commitment to your machinery’s optimal performance doesn’t just stop at expert repairs for kiln support rollers. We believe that restoring a kiln support roller or any other component should also be cost-effective. This is why our reconditioning services typically save our clients between 50% to 60% compared to purchasing new replacements. To further ease the process for our customers, we proudly offer free pickup and delivery along with a one-year warranty on all rebuilt products like kiln support rollers.



Bearing Housing

The integral housing and bearing assembly of your machinery play a crucial role in its overall performance. Our team is adept at restoring both single and two-piece housings across a range of sizes. Whether the task at hand involves a kiln support roller, a tapered roller bearing, or any other type of custom-built bearing, we have the expertise and techniques to address it. In fact, our cutting-edge diagnostic equipment ensures that every issue with your kiln support rollers, no matter how minuscule, is accurately identified.


Once our team has conducted a meticulous cleaning, disassembly, and inspection of each bearing housing, we initiate a series of steps to restore its original functionality. From polishing raceways to resetting internal clearances and ensuring every reworked part meets our high standards, our process is exhaustive. The culmination of these efforts is a fully restored component, be it a kiln support roller or otherwise, ready to be reassembled, packed, and shipped back to you.

Thrust Rollers and Trunnion Rollers: Comprehensive Care

Our team’s extensive understanding of various machinery types extends to thrust rollers as well. Regardless of the make or size, we rejuvenate thrust rollers with a focus on enhancing the performance of your rotary equipment. From cleaning to adjusting internal clearances and inspecting every nook and cranny, we ensure the longevity and efficiency of these components.


In a similar vein, our trunnion roller services aim to optimize the performance of your kiln parts. With our vast experience, we can recondition trunnion rollers up to 144” in diameter back to their prime O.E.M specifications, ensuring they function as if brand-new.


Main Gears and Gear Reducers

Kiln Technology Company Company is also a leading name when it comes to reconditioning main gears and gear reducers. We repair the wear and tear and enhance your process efficiency. Through a detailed inspection of the gear teeth and by employing advanced reconditioning techniques, we restore and even improve the durability and functionality of these crucial components.

FK Pumps and Compressors

We apply the same dedication and expertise to Fuller-Kinyon® (FK) pumps and compressors. Our approach is both systematic and thorough, ensuring every component, from compressor valves to pistons, is returned to its OEM specifications.


Kiln Technology Company believes in transparency. For every kiln support roller, thrust roller, or any other rebuilt component, we provide our clients with a detailed report. This showcases our initial assessments, information about the reconditioned or replaced parts, and insights from our rigorous quality testing and inspections. This is our promise and commitment to you.