kiln component alignment and reconditioning


Kiln Technology Company Company has the expertise and tools to repair and rebuild kiln parts and rotary equipment experience. We will recondition your worn or damaged component such as a kiln support roller, or rotary kiln brick lining, and match it to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Our kiln parts, components and rebuild services cater to units manufactured by F.L. Smidth, Traylor, Allis Chalmers, KVS, Raymond, Fuller, Loesche, Uniden and many other brands.


With our skilled workmanship and unwavering customer focus, your industrial machinery will be up and running in no time. Moreover, reconditioning a part through us will typically cost you 50% to 60% less than purchasing a replacement. We offer free pickup and delivery and a one-year warranty on all rebuilt products.


Bearing Housing

The housing and bearing assembly of your component usually depends on its application and operating conditions. We have the capability and expertise to rebuild both, single and two-piece housings in varying sizes, including shaft diameters from 20mm to 480mm. Whether the worn part is a spherical roller bearing, tapered roller bearing, deep ball groove bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, kiln support roller, or any other custom-built bearing, we can tackle any type. We can also fix a wide range of sealing systems, including the standard double-lip seals, felt strip seals, V-ring seals, Taconite seals or labyrinth seals.


After conducting a thorough cleaning, disassembly and inspection to determine the nature of damage of each bearing housing, we:

  • Polish or re-grind the raceways and restore all worn surfaces
  • Replace the rolling elements
  • Modify or replace the cage and enlarge the cage pockets
  • Reset internal clearances, modify spacers, add counter-bores, if needed
  • Inspect all the reworked parts to ensure that the reconditioned bearing meets our highest quality standards.
  • Reassemble, clean, pack and ship the rebuilt piece back to you.

Thrust Rollers

From cylindrical, tapered, and spherical, to needle, fluid and magnetic bearings, we rebuild and recondition thrust rollers of all types, makes and sizes. Our kiln part rebuilding services will provide you with significant savings, while strengthening the performance of your rotary equipment. We also handle all trunnion roller assembly. We inspect each rolling element visually and dimensionally. We then test it in accordance with the applicable OEM or custom specifications. For each thrust roller assembly, we

  • Clean, examine and polish the assembly
  • Repair surface defects, including rusty, corroded elements
  • Verify and adjust internal clearances
  • Inspect, preserve and package for shipping


We can also retrofit to special application, or upgrade and reconfigure the part to meet the most recent product design.

Trunnion Rollers

When the tires and trunnions do not have a level surface across the faces, you may encounter increased friction and problems, such as rolled-over edges, vibration or uneven wear. Periodic trunnion resurfacing will help in optimizing the performance of your kiln parts. No matter what make or size, we have the capacity to recondition up to 144″ diameter trunnion rollers back to O.E.M specifications. Our skilled and experienced crew will conduct a systematic visual inspection to check the extent of the flaws and resurface the tires and trunnion rollers to make them as good as new. We can also grind thrust face on tires, flatten the overhead rails for rotating tables, and deliver on other complex or specialty grinding scenarios. When needed, we will handle all trunnion roller assembly for you as well.

Main Gears

Over time, based on the nature of your operations, the surface of the gear teeth wear, spall, or pit. However, you can re-establish the tooth symmetry through reconditioning processes, such as machining and grinding. This will not only repair the wear and tear, but also ensure proper gear contact. At Kiln, our gear reconditioning service begins with a thorough mechanical inspection of the gear teeth. Our technicians will check the gears for the extent of the wear and evaluate the current and anticipated tooth loss. Based on the increase in backlash and the reduction in rating of the gear, we will give you a comprehensive estimate for increasing the strength and durability of your main gears. Our aim is not just to rebuild your parts, but also help you improve your process efficiencies.

Gear Reducers

Whether you need a standard overhaul or a specific repair for the gear reducers or gear box assemblies, we have the expertise to deliver to your specifications. We will:

  • Disassemble the components, strip the paint and contaminants through a hot tank process, and wire brush and clean the rust and grease
  • Inspect the parts for fits, shafting, gearing and housing
  • Replace the seals, shims, gaskets, bearings, and other hardware based on the extent of the wear and tear
  • Run tests to check leakage, lubrication, contact patterns, backlash, clearances and movement
  • Repaint, pack and ship the rebuilt part back to you, along with details of the overhaul and inspection reports


We stock a wide range of new and rebuilt reducers, such as Falk, Foote-Jones Dodge Horsburgh and Scott, Flender, and more.

FK Pumps and Compressors

At Kiln, we follow a systematic approach to fully restore your Fuller-Kinyon® (FK) pumps and compressor parts to OEM specifications. Our specialist crew will:

  • Assess the compressor valves, actuators and unloaders, and machine the worn valve seats and guards.
  • Replace internal components, such as the rings, buttons, springs, actuator stems and diaphragms.
  • Examine the packing cases and carry out cleaning, bead blasting, machining and lapping of cups.
  • Carry out machining, grinding, polishing and thread rolling for the pistons and piston rods, including application of wear-resistant hardening and spray coatings.
  • We can also do re-machining of the grooves, re-anodizing and steel insertions, if required.


At Kiln Technology Company Company, for every rebuilt kiln part and component, we provide a comprehensive report that includes the initial assessments, details of the reconditioned or replaced parts, and readings of the quality testing and inspections.