Signs Your Kiln Gearing System Needs an Upgrade

Every component of your rotary kiln is necessary for its operation, but its gearing system has a special place of importance.  If the gears fail, everything fails.  With proper maintenance, the gears can last for years, even decades – but eventually, they will wear down beyond the point of repair.  And, at its worse, gear failures can happen suddenly, causing disaster.

In short, it is important to recognize signs that gears have become too old and worn and need to be replaced.  Here are some pro tips on how to keep up with the status of your gearing system.

The Most Common Causes of Rotary Kiln Gear Failure

While there are many ways a kiln might potentially fail, the vast majority of cases boil down to three core problems:

  1. Improper lubrication

In our own experience, this is the biggest cause of rotary kiln gear failure.  Under-lubrication or using the wrong type of lubrication will cause far more strain and wear on the gears than was intended and will quickly cause them to break down.  However, be aware that over-lubrication can also be an issue.

If your gears have had lubrication problems, it is taking years off their life.  If the lubrication ever ran out and the gears became dry, replacing them would be a good idea.  They may be compromised.

  1. Misalignments

Your rotary kiln needs to be kept correctly balanced and aligned on its rollers and supports for optimal function.  Misalignments will manifest in improper behavior within the kiln, but they will also put significantly more wear and tear on the gears.  Even small imbalances or misalignments can do great harm to the gear system in a short amount of time.

  1. Misshapen kiln shell

If allowed to run while misaligned for long enough, or if otherwise not properly maintained, your rotary kiln may lose its proper cylindrical shape.  This will cause it to begin to turn into an oval or display warping on one side.  This will cause enormous extra strain on the gears and lead quickly to failure.

In our experience, nearly all sudden gear failures are the result of chronic maintenance issues, such as these, going uncorrected.  If you keep up with your kiln maintenance in general, you will be protecting the gears and improving their lifespan.

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