Types, Selection Factors, and How to Find Rotary Kiln Expertise

Rotary kilns are used in various processing materials through high-temperature reactions. The cylindrical vessels rotate slowly on their axis, allowing materials to move through the kiln while being exposed to heat. Rotary kilns have applications in cement production, lime calcination, mineral processing, and waste incineration, among others. Here’s what you should know about rotary kilns and how to find rotary kiln expertise including for kiln thrust rollers.

Different Types of Rotary Kilns

Rotary kilns can be classified based on several criteria:

Length-to-Diameter Ratio

Short kilns have a ratio of less than 16 (dry kilns), while long kilns have a ratio of 30-40 (wet kilns). Spray kilns fall in between.

Feeding Method

Dry kilns process materials with low moisture content, while wet kilns handle materials with higher moisture, using either the inflow or injection method.

Cooling Method

Some kilns incorporate multiple cooling cylinders at the hot end (multi-cylinder cooler kilns), while others have separate cooling systems.

Kiln Type

Based on geometry, kilns can be straight barrel, cold end expanded, hot end expanded, firing zone expanded, or both ends expanded.

Transmission Type

Common types include girth gear-pinion drive and friction drive rotary kilns.

Heating Method

Most kilns are internally heated, but external heating is used for processing toxic or high-purity materials.


Kilns are either used for material processing or waste incineration.

Selecting a Rotary Kiln Manufacturer: Factors to Consider

  1. Specific project requirements (size, capacity, temperature, material handling)
  2. Reputation for quality and reliability
  3. Technical expertise of the supplier’s team
  4. Quality of production processes and materials
  5. Adherence to industry standards and certifications

What Sets Kiln Technology Company Company Apart

With over 20 years of experience, Kiln Technology Company Company has become a global leader in rotary kiln services. Our highly skilled team provides individual planning and construction services for each kiln project:

  • Field services, inspections, and assessments
  • Rebuilding and reconditioning kilns and components
  • Buying and selling kilns and spare parts from top manufacturers
  • Custom manufacturing of specialized machinery
  • Demolition and refractory removal

Kiln Technology Company Company maintains the highest level of product quality and service, providing cost-effective solutions with a focus on integrity and safety. We serve a multi-industry customer base, including cement, chemicals, aggregates, lime, zinc, and mining.

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Kiln support rollers help with rotation and weight distribution of the kiln. Kiln Technology Company Company specializes in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of high-quality kiln thrust rollers. Our metal casting support rollers and thrust rollers are machined, heat-treated, and thoroughly tested for reliable performance.

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