How To Choose the Right Rotary Kiln Manufacturers for Your Needs

Creating and maintaining rotary kilns is a highly specialized job, but there are still many rotary kiln manufacturers around the country to choose between. This is a huge choice, given how expensive rotary kilns are to order and install – plus, given their weight and huge heat produced, they can be extremely dangerous if not manufactured correctly.

What should you look for in a rotary kiln manufacturer? Kiln Technology Company has some advice!

Four Must-Haves in Rotary Kiln Manufacturers

1 – A proven track record

Simply put, the longer a kiln manufacturer has been in business, the better. As a specialized field, this isn’t an area that anyone can enter. The learning curve is high, and the challenges are many. You don’t want to trust your kiln to newcomers.



2 – Robust post-sale support and parts supply

The other reason you want a kiln company with a long history is that you need to know they’ll be around to support you after the sale and installation. Custom kilns typically require custom parts, so if something breaks, it will be far easier to go back to the source for spares.

Expert kiln repair companies can typically replicate parts if needed, but it’s still best to go back to your OEM for support.


3 – Custom process development

Kilns are not one-size-fits-all. Your kiln manufacturer should work with you to understand your goals and your workflow, then design a custom kiln that will meet those needs. They should also have testing capabilities, to guarantee the kiln will fulfill your needs before installation is finalized.


4 – Supplying complete systems

A kiln doesn’t work on its own; it also requires numerous pieces of support equipment: feeders, gas exchangers, heat recapturing systems, burners and combustion chambers, etc. These parts all need to work together seamlessly as a single system, and the best way to achieve this is by working with a kiln manufacturer who can supply the entire system at once.

Kiln Technology Company Company Supports Your Kilns

We have decades of experience providing repairs, reconditioning, spare parts, and even decommissioning services for kiln operators across the company. We’re your go-to experts when you need help and support for your rotary kiln, regardless of size or overall system complexity.

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