Why Waste Management Companies Are Embracing Rotary Kiln Incinerators?

Humanity keeps creating more and more waste – and we’re running out of places to put it, or safe ways to deal with it.  That’s why waste management companies are increasingly embracing the use of rotary kilns as incinerators, as an alternative to landfills, or more traditional incineration methods.

Why is this happening? We have a few ideas.

The Benefits of Rotary Kilns for Waste Incineration

The primary purpose of a rotary kiln is to produce heat – a lot of heat. Depending on its configuration, the heat inside a rotary kiln is capable of reaching well over 1000°C, even up to 1,300°C or higher. 

Traditionally, this is used to induce heat-based chemical changes within the materials put into a kiln. However, it is also very good for destroying materials for a few different reasons:

1 – Complete incineration

Few industrial machines can create as much heat as a large kiln, which makes them highly effective at breaking down substances that more traditional incinerators may struggle with. This can also render potentially dangerous substances inert when other incinerators might not do the job.

The other benefit here is that kilns leave less leftover material, which means less material that has to go into landfills and other dumps.  Altogether, it’s an extremely efficient waste disposal method.

2 – Easy adaptability to feedstock

Kilns aren’t quite at the point that you can just dump in anything and watch it burn, but they’re close.  Kilns can take in many different types of feed/materials, and typically require very little reconfiguration.  In some cases, they can take multiple feeds at once.

3 – Energy generation

For forward-looking waste management companies, a rotary kiln can be a two-for-one deal. It’s relatively easy to recapture the heat and smoke coming out of a kiln and use it to power steam generators.  Or, the heat can be cycled back into the kiln to reduce its overall fuel use, which improves overall efficiency and lowers operating costs.

Upgrade Your Waste Management Facility with A Kiln

Kiln Technology Company Company is one of the country’s leaders in the installation, maintenance, and repair of rotary kilns, with decades of experience in a wide variety of kilns. We can work with you to consult on whether a kiln would be an effective incineration system for your waste management company.  Contact us to learn more.