What You Should Know When Calling for Rotary Kiln Repair

A properly manufactured and maintained kiln can last for decades, or even more – but it will need periodic maintenance and repair.  The most common reason a company might need rotary kiln repair is that the kiln has gone out of alignment.  It needs to be perfectly balanced on its piers to rotate smoothly, and to avoid further maintenance problems due to an unbalanced load.

Should your kiln fall out of alignment, you should call in rotary kiln repair specialists as soon as possible. Until it is re-aligned, it will cause damage to the structure, as well as being unreliable in usage.  Here’s what you need to know.


Understanding Rotary Kiln Alignment Issues and Repairs

There are three basic reasons that a rotary kiln might fall out of alignment:

  • Component wear (or replacement)
  • Adjustments to the carrying rollers
  • Shifts in the foundation

In other words, this is something that is likely to happen to every kiln from time to time.  In fact, it’s recommended that companies operating a kiln have it realigned every few years, to be safe.

When a kiln does fall out of alignment, the most common way to re-align it is a process called hot-kiln alignment. This simply means that the kiln is aligned while still in active service, without shutting it down.

This leads to the question of how to find a good rotary kiln repair service.  There are a few key things to look for:

What measurements do they take to determine alignment?

There are numerous aspects of a kiln that should be measured for proper realignment.  These include:

  • A survey of the shell’s runout and shape
  • Gear radials
  • Axial runout
  • Roller and tire diameters
  • Any tire wobble
  • Any ovality
  • Base and roller slopes
  • Shaft deflection

All these measurements should be documented, for ongoing reference and later troubleshooting if needed.

Are corrective roller adjustments included?

Often, aligning the kiln properly will also require adjusting the rollers. Is this included in the base service price, or will it be an extra fee?

How much experience do they have in doing alignment adjustments?

Improper alignment adjustments can make the situation worse, increasing wear on the kiln and harming its internal heat profile. Be sure to pick a rotary kiln repair service with a long history.

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